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Esport Fort is a gaming news and reviews publication for competitive and professional gamers. Our goal is to provide updated and accurate news coverage of the latest happenings throughout the esport world of gaming, while also providing reviews of the latest and greatest video games across all available platforms. Unlike other publications, we provide two separate review scores, one being the overall score, and the other rating the game for its competitive merits. Our editors have years of experience in the esport world of gaming, and have all made a name for themselves in their own respective games. 


Name: Tyler Harvey
Title: Owner, Editor-in-Chief
Email: ty [at] esportfort.com
Bio: Tyler "Sidular" Harvey is the Editor-in-Chief and owner of Esport Fort. He's also the founder of Sidular, and runs a North American esport league. 

Name: Jenny
Title: Contributor / TF2 Editor
Email: nursey [at] esportfort.com
Bio: Nursey is our resident TF2 Editor, and is basically responsible for all our Team Fortress 2 coverage. She's pretty well known within the TF2 world of esports, and has an unusual obsession with Kirby. 

Name: Mike
Title: Contributor
Email: sagerz [at] esportfort.com
Bio: Sagerz was one of our first contributors, and is our resident speedrunner. He's a Canadian boy, and proud of it. 

Name: Sorin
Title: Contributor
Email: twigs [at] esportfort.com
Bio: Twigs was one of our first contributors, and is a dabbler in pro gaming. His main thing is playing first person shooters, and he is a divisional administrator for TFC League.